A Guide to Cigar Storage From Cory Carnley

Cory Carnley

September 22, 2021

A Guide to Cigar Storage From Cory Carnley

Cory Carnley on Cigar Storage

The cigar industry is booming. As more people look to explore this classic way of enjoying tobacco, the issue of proper cigar storage is becoming more prevalent.

Cory Carnley is a certified tobacconist and bartender who specializes in cigars. Cory helped us put together this guide on achieving maximum longevity and flavor for your cigars.

Cory describes how you can get the best experience from your cigars.

Cory Carnley Explains the Most Important Factor of Cigar Storage

According to cigar expert Cory Carnley, the single most important factor when it comes to taking care of your cigars is relative humidity (RH).

An RH between 62 and 70% is ideal for storing cigars.

An RH above these levels can cause the cigar to develop a bitter taste and have difficulty staying lit. If a cigar is kept in a humid environment for too long, it can even begin to mold.

Cigars that are stored in humidity set too low can become brittle. If a cigar is dried out too extensively, it can burn too quickly, disrupting your enjoyment.

In order to keep a cigar in the proper humidity range, a humidification device is required.

Cory Carnley Answers The Question: What Humidification Device Liquid Should I Use?

One of two liquids may be used: propylene glycol (PG) solution and distilled water.

PG solution, also known as 50/50 solution, is a mixture of distilled water and propylene glycol.  The intended advantage of mixing PG with the water is that the hygroscopic nature of the PG retards the rate at which the water evaporates, causing a more controlled release meaning a higher likelihood of an RH within the acceptable range.  Though many are even rated for 70%, they are not highly reliable.

Distilled water is the traditional option, many people use it with no reported issue.  Though there is no hygroscopic substance to help control the rate of evaporation, altering the size/number of devices helps hone the RH to the desired point.

Cory Carnley Details The Specifics of Active Humidification Devices

Active humidification devices use mechanical means to increase the RH in a given area.

Cory Carnley notes that these devices are larger by nature. Although there are brands that make smaller active humidification devices, these might be more suitable to individuals who have a larger space to dedicate to cigar storage as their intended environments can range from large cabinets to walk-in humidors.

Cory Carnley Outlines Who Passive Humidification Devices Are For

Passive humidification devices retain moisture that is slowly released over time through osmosis. These devices do not have mechanical parts and operate totally on their own. These can include floral foam, silica beads, or disposable two-way humidification packs.

Cory Carnley notes that passive humidification devices are ideal for beginner cigar enthusiasts.

Follow the advice of certified tobacconist Cory Carnley and your journey into the classic world of cigars will be a hit.