August 25, 2022

The Best Cigars For Beginners

Several brands will satisfy your needs whether you’re just starting or have been smoking for years. These brands include Davidoff, Panatelas, Montecristo, and Aniversario Special R. You can learn more about these cigars in this article. First, however, you should remember that not all cigars are created equally. Panatelas If you’re a beginner cigar smoker, […]

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Cory Carnely
July 20, 2022

How to Smoke a Cigar Without a Cutter

If you’re in the wilderness and don’t have a cigar cutter, there are several solutions. A single bladed razor, a cigar and a sharp object are all effective ways to cut a cigar. If you’re in a tight spot, saliva may be an option, too. And if you don’t have any cutters on hand, you […]

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