Cory Carnley Explores Options Available to Light a Cigar

Cory Carnley

November 5, 2021

Cory Carnley Explores Options Available to Light a Cigar

Cory Carnley enjoys a good cigar, especially one he believes is of the highest quality and taste.  Since there are various lighting options for cigars, he carefully chooses the best way of lighting each cigar. This ensures he gets the most enjoyment out of smoking his cigar.  He recently took a look at the various lighting options available and what he found was quite interesting. Specifically, he found that there are several options for lighting cigars that are surprisingly diverse and require careful thought and consideration.

Cory Carnley Discusses the Various Options to Light a Cigar

Most people probably assume how a cigar is lit doesn’t really matter. However, as a certified tobacconist and cigar hobbyist, Cory Carnley knows how a cigar is lit can significantly change your smoking experience.

The least expensive option is wood matches as they are easily available and sometimes free at cigar retailers and lounges. Wooden matches are a good choice for lighting cigars and are preferred by some due to the level of control gained by using them.  A similar option is the traditional cedar spills which are long strips of cedar purchased or scavenged from cedar sheets used to separate rows of cigars in boxes.

An inexpensive option is the soft-flame (butane or lighter fluid) lighter. It produces heat up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit/829 degrees Celsius and gets the job done reasonably well. However, their small flame size makes them somewhat less efficient than other more expensive options. Those more serious about cigar quality typically try higher-end cigar lighters instead.

A more expensive option is a torch lighter (butane) which produces heat up to 2,900 degrees Fahrenheit/1,600 degrees Celsius and has a jet-like flame. This jet flame lights the cigar more evenly and minimizes troubles with uneven drags. Cory Carnley has used this option and even propane torches (3,620 degrees Fahrenheit /1,995 degrees Celsius) in the past to produce very even burns on his cigars.

Even burns enhance the smoking experience by ensuring that each puff produces an even and rewarding drag. However, high-temperature lighters do have drawbacks such as charring the end of a cigar in seconds if the flame is held too closely and for too long.  Other lighters have lower temperature thresholds that decreased these drawbacks.

A lower temperature plasma/electric arc lighters burn at 2,012 degrees Fahrenheit/ 1,100 degrees Celsius. Cory Carnley likes this option over a soft-flame lighter because it produces a more even burn but is less intense than torch lighters. He also knows many cigar fans have turned to electric lighters that burn at 750 degrees Fahrenheit/400 degrees Celsius.

Electric lighters include benefits like being rechargeable and flameless. Other lighters must be refilled and results in electric lighters being more cost-effective.  They are safer for cigar fans to use and carry without worries of leaking.