Cory Carnley of Gainesville Discusses Amazing US Destinations That May Change You

Cory Carnley

November 5, 2021

Cory Carnley of Gainesville Discusses Amazing US Destinations That May Change You

Cory Carnley of Gainesville has spent much of his life exploring the American continent and has discovered many unique places to visit right in the U.S. He could write a series of books on each of these spots and still have ideas left over for years. Compiling some of the best of these spots was tough, but here are a few places that he thinks will truly change how you perceive the country.

Destinations Cory Carnley Gainesville Thinks Will Improve Your Life

When it comes to finding beautiful destinations in the United States, Cory Carnley of Gainesville knows his stuff. As a lifelong traveler and a lover of destination vacations, he has spent much of his life engaging with beautiful places, learning more about them, and even meditating in these beautiful areas. As a result, he knows more than a few places that are worth your time and energy to visit.

First, he suggests going anywhere in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This uniquely undeveloped area features fantastic rock formations, beautiful forests, dozens of waterfalls, and quaint towns. Have you ever had a pasty before? This unique dish is typical throughout the UP and is fantastic. Second, he suggests explicitly camping on the shores of Lake Superior to get a feel of the world’s beauty.

If you love the outdoors, Cory Carnley from Gainesville also suggests New York. We’re not talking New York City (though that is a fantastic place to visit at least once), but upstate New York. Few people realize that there’s an entire state of beautiful forest, mountains, and lakes attached to NYC. The beauty of this area is practically unmatched, and since it’s relatively untapped, it makes a great camping spot.

Of course, no American’s life is complete without at least one trip to the Grand Canyon. Touching several southwestern states, there’s nothing quite like contemplating the sheer expanse of this legendary destination. It’s hard to believe that something so significant exists in one area! Thankfully, you can also camp and explore this area quickly, though guides may be wise for your protection.

If you’re interested in a more urban setting, Cory Carnley of Gainesville suggests trying Washington, D.C. The nation’s capital may not be the biggest city, but it has a fascinating history. You can explore many unique destinations, learn more about the country’s history, and even get the chance to see parades and much more. This stop is a good choice if you want to learn more about the country.

Most importantly, visiting the capital will give you an inside view of how the country operates and runs. This kind of info can help you better understand the unique challenges of the nation and give you the type of insight that you want and deserve. The other destinations on this list help reinforce the beauty of this nation and inspire great pride in its fascinating array of beauty.